iZettle start-up to grown-up

In this session, Andreas will talk about a really exciting case he’s working on with one of our Swedish unicorns — iZettle. Started in 2010 and recently acquired by Paypal, iZettle one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden. Andreas will shed some light upon the challenges that this growth has on the organisation, from the constant need for adapting to the market and also the need for a flexible set of tools to manage the journey with transparency to everyone in the company.

 Lindgren – Dag 1 kl 13:00 – 13:20

atlassianAndreas Söderberg, Atlassian Solution Consultant at Riada

Andreas is today what we call a “solution expert” in Atlassian software stack. With many years of experience from Atlassian products and countless customer cases, he knows how to meet most needs with the broad range of support these products offer.



Maaike Gerritse

 Maaike Gerritse is the application manager for the digital workplace at iZettle. She has a background in business and information management and uses her experience as an application developer to help distributed teams work together to build great things.