Akshay Anand is a Product Development Manager at AXELOS®, working on the development of new guidance and research within the IT Service Management (ITSM) portfolio. He previously advised Fortune 100 clients on how to improve their ITSM capabilities, implemented toolsets such as Remedy and ServiceNow, and headed up global ITSM activities at Macmillan Publishing. He has spoken at numerous conferences, including Knowledge and DevOps Enterprise Summit, presenting case studies and thought leadership on ITIL, ITSM and Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).

More recently, Akshay has focused on bringing together Agile development teams and ITSM professionals to address challenges posed by emerging technologies and market shifts, for example the consumerisation of IT, and the rise of mobile and cloud computing.

He has worked in many countries around the world, including India, USA, and UK. He infrequently tweets as @bloreboy, about ITIL, DevOps, food, and heavy metal.

Mälarsalen – Dag 1 kl 15:15 – 16:00

Using Cynefin to Make Sense of ITSM (bonus content: The Future of ITIL) 

“The Cynefin framework … allows executives to see things from new viewpoints, assimilate complex concepts, and address real-world problems and opportunities” – A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making, David Snowden & Mary Boone, Harvard Business Review, November 2007.

Cynefin is a sense making framework that provides guidance on how to react to real life business situations. Akshay Anand from Axelos will present as session covering the basic application of the Cynefin model to ITSM, as well as detailing practical sense making techniques such as “Future Backwards”. 

At the end of the presentation, Akshay will also explain the background to the upcoming ITIL Refresh in 2018. He’ll explain the approach being taken and show how ITSM Practitioners can get involved.