Jonas Lundström

Jonas Lundström Head of Lean & Agile Center of Excellence SEB

Göran Westblom

Göran Westblom Senior Partner at Moment Management.

Lisa Hartikainen & Helena Sjöström

Lisa och Helena Tillsammans med kollegorna på NOX driver Lisa och Helena konceptet GoTech där de utbildar och skapar lärande kring tekniska ämnen, för en icke-teknisk målgrupp. De är flitigt anlitade talare i frågor kring "Future of work" och för att förenkla och förklara AI och programmering för alla som inte har en teknisk bakgrund. [...]

Mats Jegebo

    Mats Jegebo is a natural servant leader and coach with a very broad knowledge and experience from a large number of businesses, roles and methodologies. He has worked his entire career, as a consultant, with building up his experience and knowledge about how organisations can optimize their delivery capacity and skill. Before Mats [...]

Kye Andersson

Kye Andersson Hur kan AI bidra till att bygga ett starkare och mer hållbart Sverige för alla? Kye’s is responsible for Major Impact Initiatives with AI Sweden, currently focusing on accelerating applied AI in Swedish healthcare and Media & Democracy.  He is also a delegate of the Swedish AI Council, as well as the Nordic AI [...]

Eleonore Hammare

"chairman of the board itSMF Sweden" Eleonore is head of Region Stockholms IT delivery organization and has a background and long experience as IT manager and CIO from various branches and organizations.

Ashkan Fardost

"I study how technology and digitalization shape industries, society and human behavior"   Dr. Ashkan Fardost is researcher, entrepreneur, former music producer and artist, also doctor of organic chemistry. Today he is a Hyper Island Collaborator and investor.

Jan Bylund

Dare to ask – dare to be stupid Jan, one of the first stand up comedians in the country, takes us on an entertaining journey where he talks about how you can have more fun at work, become better motivated and personally feel both calmer in a changing work environment, but also be able to laugh at [...]