Storyboarding your service

What’s the story of your service

In this session, Majid and David will show you the power of storytelling and strategic narratives as means of communicating the designs of services. They will share their experience of helping service providers develop more compelling stories for services, based on answers to four simple questions: Who, why, how and what. The underlying method involves teams collaboratively solving a puzzle to generate a structured narrative that covers all sides and aspects of a service. This storyboarding and framing approach is particularly useful for service owners driving product development. Welcome!

Lindgren – Dag 1 kl 13:25 – 13:45

david-majidDavid Nyman & Majid Iqbal, Insperio

David is passionate about services and has been working with service management for more than 20 years. Majid is an expert on implementing policy and strategy through the designs of services. He was lead author of the ITIL Service Strategy book (2007) and has since then been on a mission to bring more clarity to the concept of a service.