Smarter Enterprise Service Management with AI and IA!
Joel Eijssen –Senior Solutions Consultant at Micro Focus

Join service management expert Joel Eijssen as he explains the benefits and importance of natively embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intelligent Automation (IA) in the next generation of IT and Enterprise Service Management (ITSM/ESM)!

Modernization in Service Management has taken a big leap forward as AI and IA have become reality and completely transforms the concept of service management. AI and IA have become a central element in the design and processing of services and is a determining factor to deliver automated and intelligent services.

AI/ML intelligently automates complex tasks at multiple operations levels, causing a shift from (manual) service operations towards service design and (automated) enterprise service management. This allows you to:
• spend more time to improve and innovate your services
• utilize your resources for more proactive and creative work rather than on performing routine tasks.
• improve self-sufficiency and the end-user experience as well as the overall satisfaction and effectiveness of your service provisioning.

In this session Joel will show you some live examples of Micro Focus Service Management Automation X (SMAX) which allows you to learn about the incredible efficiency and advantages of fully embedded AI and automation, which enables you to e.g.:
• get ahead of issues with automated:
• proactive knowledge suggestions
e.g. with smart Virtual Agents which understand natural language (NLP) and perform tasks.
• suggested incident correlation and
• change risk & success and impact analysis,
• find answers easily and quickly,
get instant analytical insights and proactive optimization suggestions and
• smartly and automatically assign tickets, process tasks and solve tickets.






Combined with fully codeless configuration you will see that AI and AI lead you to a new and pleasant way of working to meet all your ESM needs… smarter, better, faster, safer and cheaper!


Joel Eijssen is a knowledgeable and experienced senior solutions consultant within Micro Focus for region North Europe.
With extensive experience in service management, business service analysis and enterprise architecture Joel drives and evangelizes new ways of working and automating enterprise value streams to transform an organization into modern, agile, automated and innovative service delivery organization. With a practical approach Joel translates strategic and tactical goals into qualitative, pragmatic and best practices solutions, combining concepts and modern technologies like IT4IT, ITIL4, Agile, DevOps and AIOps in the context of your enterprise IT and business objectives.