Patrick Couch works as a business developer at IBM focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Technologies and IBM Watson. Patrick wrote his master thesis on human/machine boundary blurring and pursued a PhD until the went on a sabbatical in the late 90s which landed him in the hey day of the internet start-up scene in Stockholm when the economy was new and .com was booming. He’s been with IBM since 2010 and is still on his sabbatical…

 Mälarsalen – Dag 2 kl 10:20 – 11:05

Introducing the new guy – IBM Watson and the Cognitive Era

When IBM’s artificial intelligence technology beat the most successful Jeopardy! champions back in 2011 it made not only headline news and IBM Watson a household name but it also ushered in what IBM has defined as the Cognitive Era and today, AI reigns supreme on top of the Gartner hype-cycle. As AI-tech matures it makes inroads in to allareas of both society and the workplace. What will the future with AI look like? How will AI impact our workplace, our customers’ expectations and the art of the possible when it comes to service delivery?