‘The Shiny New Thing that really helps!

When I announced on Linkedin (as a joke) that I had a new framework that would change everything!  I had 8 times the usual amount of hits!

We in IT like shiny new things (Agile, Lean, DevOps, ITIL4). Thinking (and hoping) that they will solve our problems, but many of our problems come from the fact that we haven’t got the basics right! And we never got the old shiny things to do what they were intended to do. I have seen this repeat in cycles over the last 40 years. Einstein once said ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’, sadly we in IT are trying to prove Einstein wrong.

Now digital transformation is the latest Industry Shiny New Thing. But 70% of transformation initiatives fail to achieve the hoped for values. Confirming Einstein’s observation. So why are they failing? What are the basics we still haven’t got right and what is the ‘Shiny New Thing’ that will make everything better?  In this session Paul will look back at 40 years of experience with hundreds of organizations and will share:

  • the top 5 challenges as summarized from Industry reports
  • Links to 30 articles & blogs with insights and advice
  • 10 ‘post-its’ containing actions for your improvement backlog

It is based upon my most recent post: https://itchronicles.com/it/the-shiny-new-thing-that-really-helps/?utm_content

And will also contain findings from these Industry research articles: https://wherelearningbegins.com/insights/article-the-state-of-the-union-70/


Chief Architect
‘The Shiny New Thing that Really Helps’

Paul has been actively involved in ITSM for more than 40 years in a variety of roles from operations, to development to IT management. He was also actively involved in the development of ITIL Practitioner which introduced the Guiding principles to align ITIL to a more Agile way of working. Paul was Business Development Director of GamingWorks, the company that develops business simulation games such as the internationally renowned ‘Apollo 13 – an ITSM case experience’. He was also co-author and developer of the ‘ABC of ICT’ (The Attitude, Behavior and Culture of ICT) publications, having conducted ABC workshops and simulation workshops with delegates representing more than 5000 organizations world-wide. Paul is now retired and labels himself as the ‘Pointy-Fingered-Grumpy-Old-Man-In-IT’ and Chief architect of ‘The Shiny New Thing that Really Helps’. He is now doing one last tour of ITSM events to share some insights and tips for the future. Helping us learn to avoid his painful mistakes from the past.



Grumpy Old Man in IT

Pointy-fingered Grumpy Old Man in IT