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Ronald van Veen is senior advisor at byBrick Management. He has worked with organizational management and governance, mostly within IT and related businesses for more than 20 years. His experience ranges from service management, organizational development and improving efficiency with large internationals such as IBM, AT&T, AstraZeneca, Volvo and SCA, as well as public organizations and local government. He is an accredited trainer in IT service management and Cultural Transformation Tools.

Lindgren – Dag 1 kl 15:15 – 15:35

’You must to develop your employees in order to develop your organisation’

In today’s digital world, where user experience is our main focus, influenced by delivery models, operational processes and solutions, the fear of lagging behind and not being up-to-speed as organization, is an ever increasing threat for both employees and management. How can you ensure that employees and the organization continue to deliver? How can you lead your organization in this volatile world? How do you create the prerequisites for the organization and its employees to be prepared for the fast and radical changes this entails? This requires an environment that safeguards the personal development of each employee. Leading an organization that embraces such an environment stimulating individual development can only be successful by a managing the organizational culture. Organizational development builds on the driving needs and values that live within each individual, as well as on those that are present and active in the organization. To be able to name them, to define them is only the start of managing them. To be able to analyze, study and compare them is a prerequisite for being able to work and develop them. Likewise, to develop these values and needs is a prerequisite to tap into employee engagement and to steer it towards the development of the organization and its future results.