A gambling clown – creativity in a world driven by processes?

Processes and creativity are worst enemies and best friends. How to get things done, but keep from getting stuck in the old ways? What really is creativity after all, and how can you manage and control it? And why is making mistakes a skill which needs to be practiced? Welcome to the show if you are interested in observations and first-hand experiences of processes and creativity, lean and courage, tandem-bikes and clowns. Beware! The show might include some insights. The sword swallower unfortunately could not make it.

 Mälarsalen – Day 1, 13:00 – 13:45

Thomas HughesThomas Hughes

Thomas has worked for two and a half years as the CEO of Marker Wizards, a startup focused on explaining complicated concepts with hand-drawn whiteboard videos.

This was preceded by a second career in IT. During 15+ years, Thomas has worked in variety of IT roles in almost ten different companies. In IT, Thomas was interested in service and process management, Lean, customer experience management and change management. In his free-time Thomas is kept active by two sons, exercising outdoors and juggling (objects/ideas/time).