Steffan Schumacher
Schumacher helds several international leadership positions, latest before Efecte, being the Managing Director of Professional Services in EMEA in Citrix. Before this, he was working at Microsoft between 2001 – 2017, with leadership roles in Western Europe and the United States.


Henrik Åqvist
Henrik Åqvist has vast experience in several IT sales management positions both at Dustin Group and at Telia, and has been in the industry for two decades. His previous positions facing both major change and growth within large enterprises bring valuable experience to support and reach Efecte’s strategic growth targets.




Marcin Strzalkowski,
Marcin is passionate about digital transformation initiatives and how they affect e-commerce and customer engagement. He has founded InteliWISE, a leader in developing & building virtual agents, that help increase online sales, ecommerce and improve customer experience. Marcin has successfully developed multiple businesses from scratch, brought sales and customers on board.