Lean Incident Management Game

Playing the game will give the participants a sense of how an Incident process can be viewed from a Lean perspective, and which specific improvements can be made to a Incident process -while having a good time.

  1. Applying Lean principles to an actual process; Incident Management
  2. Participants are given the opportunity to take activity-specific lessons back to their respective organisations.
  3. The exercise will result in insight into the synergies between ITIL and Lean, and reduce the common misconceptions of these as contradictory methods / frameworks.

 Sjösidan – Dag 2 kl 13:20 – 14:05

Target audience

Anyone with a general understanding of IT. There are no prerequisites for either ITIL or Lean in order to participate.

reniReni Friis, Valcon

Experienced it process and Lean expert, who has worked in large Danish and International organizations to improve and implement processes to increase value add to customers.