Introducing process at a unicorn

With the objective of entering the US stock market Spotify was facing internal challenges. The checks and controls imposed by external auditors impacted the deeply rooted culture of autonomy and agility to its core. Segregation of duties and demands for audit trails were putting a spanner in the works for both developer and support teams.

The mission: ”Help us strike the right balance between agility and control”

  • The impact of culture when introducing (ITIL) process
  • New ideas
  • A ”we can also do that” mindset

 Nobelterrassen – Dag 2 kl 13:20 – 14:05

olaOla Källgården, Olingo

Ola Källgården, Business developer and framework tweaker @ Olingo Consulting AB

Passionate about striking the right balance between order and chaos, Ola bends and twists frameworks, models and filosophies into something that is truly useful. With clients ranging from classics, such as Scania, to new school, such as Spotify, he has dealt with challenges including ”autonomous teams do not work here” and ”we don’t need any processes that will restrict our freedom”.