The Future Is Built On ITIL Video Presentation – Welcome To ITIL 4

axelos-videobildRoman Jouravlev, AXELOS ITIL Product Ambassador and Lead Architect for the ITIL update

In this video, Roman Jouravlev will talk through some of the most exciting changes that have occurred with the evolution of ITIL and what ITIL 4 means for the future of ITSM.

 Mälarsalen – Dag 2 kl 11:30 – 12:15

In this time of unprecedented change, ITIL is evolving to help IT and digital service providers adapt and meet the needs of a demanding customer base. ITIL 4 expands on previous versions by providing a practical and flexible basis to support organizations on their journey to the new world of digital transformation. Because the more a business can do to deliver seamless transformation, the more its people will be empowered to unleash their full potential – and drive real growth.

Watch this video and you’ll discover what the future looks like for ITIL and how ITIL 4 will address the challenges faced by IT and digital teams today.

Also, if you’re curious to know if your current certifications will stay valid, or what you should do next, then this presentation is for you.

Careers. Reputations. Business growth. It’s all built on ITIL. Welcome to ITIL 4.

Efter videon kommer det att vara en Q & A som leds av Johan Hansson. Phil Hearsum från Axelos kommer att delta via Skype.