How to use continuous measurement to change the focus of ITSM Services to employee experience

When you’re seeking to develop your IT services it’s not always easy to know where to focus your efforts. By continuously measuring all your internal services using specifically-designed surveys, you can see where your users encounter the most difficulties and which services are associated with the biggest losses in productivity. In this session you will hear how using survey-generated data can help identify and prioritise your development goals, concentrating on the tools and services where your efforts will produce the fastest results and the biggest gains to the value of your IT services.

 Lindgren – Dag 2 kl 11:55 – 12:15


Sami Kallio, CEO, HappySignals Ltd

Sami Kallio is the CEO and Founder of HappySignals, an Employee Experience measurement tool for ITSM. Happy Signals helps organisations improve their internal services’ performance by measuring and analysing employee experience and lost work time. Previously Sami was Service Designer and CEO of Palmu Exe, part of one of Europe’s biggest service design companies, Palmu.