Bridging the ITSM Information Gap

How to Bridge the Information Gap between IT Leadership and Day-to-day Process Execution via Strategic Process Roadmaps!

This presentation is about bridging the gap between the IT Leadership and the day-to-day process execution by having the Process Owner create a Strategic Process Roadmap. I have experienced this issue in multiple organization and the Strategic Process Roadmaps helps mitigate this common issue.

The role of a Process Owner is to look at their process from a strategic and long-term perspective and to develop a 3-year Strategic Process Roadmap that is aligned with the IT and ITSM strategy. The Strategic Process Roadmap will drive tactical process improvement initiatives that are aligned with the overall strategy.

An overview of an ITSM Governance framework where the Strategic Process Roadmaps provide value is discussed. Detailed roadmap templates and a workbook will be provided to session attendees. The same strategic roadmap concepts can be used for Service Owners and Platform Owners when they are developing their 3-year Strategic Roadmaps.

Thorsten Manthey has implemented multiple ITSM governance frameworks for both large fortune 50/100 companies and smaller organization where the Strategic Process Roadmaps (i.e. Process Owners) have been the “bridge” between the operational/tactical day-to-day activities and the ITSM and IT strategy.

What you can add to your “tool box” after this presentation:

  • Templates (PowerPoint) for developing a 3-year Strategic Process Roadmap.
  • A workbook (Excel) with questions a Process Owner should ask when developing the roadmap.
  • Role description for a Process Owner and a Process Manager.

 Mälarsalen – Dag 1 kl 14:00 – 14:45

torstenThorsten Manthey

Thorsten Manthey is passionate about IT Service Management, ITSM governance and cultural and organizational transformation. Thorsten has worked across multiple industries including health care, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, manufacturing, financial services, insurance and telecommunications in North America, Europe and Scandinavia.

Thorsten holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology and a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is an ITIL V3 Expert, obtained the VeriSM Foundation certification and a Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP). Thorsten speaks English, German and Swedish and is an international speaker and presenter.

Thorsten has been a board member of multiple itSMF chapters and a founding board member of the itSMF chapter in Calgary, Canada.