The future of AI/ML in Service Management

We are all familiar with the rapidly changing world due to the increased speed of innovation and disruption of markets by new technologies. The market asks more and more from businesses to response instantly and deliver top-notch service. This trend puts more pressure on supportive departments like IT to keep up with their businesses. The use of AI, ML and automation has become a necessity instead of a luxury. But how to use it? Step into the world of self- healing capabilities and explore how to use the data where it works best.

3 take-aways:

  1. What will be the role of AI/ML in the coming 5 years in Service Management
  2. How can a business benefit from self-healing capabilities?
  3. How do we remove the barriers to digital transformation



Vincent Iweka

Experienced professional specialized in service management and digital transformation. Vincent has a rich background in IT in various industries and since the last 4 years focused on ITSM and digital transformation.